Term Loan

Term Loan is normally preferred by small and medium scale businesses to meet the needs of working capital or to buy assets or infrastructure which is required to run the business on day to day basis.

It may include purchase of machinery or buying an office or workshop premises.

The ability to repay over a long period of time is attractive for new or expanding enterprises, as the assumption is that they will increase their profit over time .

Corporate Term Loan

The corporate term loans can support your company in funding ongoing business expansion, repaying high cost debt, technology upgradation, R&D expenditure, leveraging specific cash streams that accrue into your company and supplementing working capital.

We can arrange corporate term loans under the ECB scheme as well, with the option of switching the currency denomination at the end of interest periods. The structure may vary based on the exact requirements of the client and the risk context.

Benefits of Term Loan

  1. Interest rate – you’re responsible for paying.
  2. Length of time to repay (or loan term) – you have the right to repay over the term.
  3. Grace periods – you can have a grace period to avoid penalties.
  4. When and where payments must be made – you’re responsible for paying as agreed.