Equipment Finance

All businesses need equipments, machinery and tools as well as other business or office equipments in the operation of their company.Purchase the equipment with little or no up front cash (cash that can be used to grow the business) – then use the equipment to generate more profitable business.We offer a comprehensive range of equipment finance and leasing solutions to organizations of all sizes requiring financing for equipment.

We provide equipment funding to organizations of various sectors like healthcare, construction, food and beverages, mining, steel, chemicals, software & IT, transport….

Equipment funding can be availed upto 75% of the value of machinery. However, paying rest 25% for a piece of business equipment is much better than paying 100% for the equipment, especially since the equipment itself could pay for the remaining 75% – saving the business’ capital for other opportunities.

Benefits of Equipment Finance

  • Don’t have to worry about trading the equipment in the end of the lease term.
  • Cash Conservation i.e. financing allows you to conserve working capital and keep your bank lines of credit open.